There are a couple of installations of Hypothesis to choose from:

  1. If you want to annotate and comment on documents then install our browser extension.
  2. If you wish to install Hypothesis on your own site then head over to GitHub.

Annotation Types

There are a few types of annotations that can be created with the application:


Create a note by selecting some text and clicking the button


Highlights can be created by clicking the button. Try it on this sentence.


You can reply to any annotation by using the reply action on every card.


Annotations are either public and visible to everyone or private and visible only to you.


These annotations are visible to everyone both in the document itself and our public stream.


Private annotations are visible only to you when logged in.

Show/Hide Highlights

Use the button to toggle highlight visibility on a page.

Sharing a page

Use the button to get a sharable link to the page with annotations.


Show and hide the sidebar using the button